Frame My Fantasy


One of my most memorable and most popular photographs is of Nature’s Window in Kalbarri National Park. It was taken on a morning I will never forget. That was a sunrise photograph. Since then, I had been wanting to shoot a full moon through the window at twilight. I had been thinking about it for quite some time, and could very clearly imagine what the result would look like. After some planning on when a full moon would line up with the windows view and when the skies would hopefully be clear, I made the trip up to Kalbarri with high hopes. The weather forecast was perfect for what I wanted and knowing the location well, all I needed to do was be there. I had been assured that the road into the park was open. It was being sealed but access would be possible at this time. When I arrived at the road entrance I was greeted by a road worker who said access to the park closed at 4pm. It was 4:30pm at this stage. I managed to talk my way past him but I ended up being turned around by the site manager. I was gutted. Everything had lined up except the appropriate sites mentioning it would actually be closed at certain times. That 6 hour drive back to Perth the following morning was a long one. 2 months later I was back for another attempt. The weather this time wasn’t looking great. It was set to be raining on the night I had planned to shoot. So I made the drive into the park the evening beforehand, just incase the following night didn’t work out. I am glad I did. The moon sat the in windows view for so much longer than I expected. The icing on the cake that I hadn’t planned for was the last rays of sunlight on the distant gorge walls. What an awesome evening!