Fleeting Moment


Although this is a place I visit regularly, I have never had an opportunity to photograph the sand dunes here under an intense burning sunset with sand being blown off the peaks of the dunes. The evening before I made this photograph could have been it. I was there with the intent of photographing the sand dunes once again however those plans did not eventuate. A couple hours before sunset and a bloke badly broke his femur bone. He was loaded into my car and I drove him to the makeshift nurses shack and went and found the nurses. Once they cut his pants off the extent of the gruesome break was revealed. He was eventually airlifted to hospital shortly after what was an epic sunset. A missed opportunity but this guy and the nurses needed help a lot more than I needed to be out shooting! The following morning I was scouting the coast again and fired off some test shots of these dunes with the intent of something more focused on the lines and textures of the sand. I set up my tripod and waited for some clouds to pass. As they did this beam of light made its way from the top of frame towards me and I captured a number of frames of it at different points on the dunes in front of me. It was pretty awesome to watch. As quickly as I setup the light came and went and I packed up. It provided me with something different to my ‘normal’ style of work and that was exciting! Struggling to keep my eyes open having now been filled with sand I headed back to the car a happy man.