Edge of a Dream


The Aurora Australis over western Australia’s Pinnacles Desert.

One of Western Australia’s most unique landscapes would have to be the Pinnacles Desert. An area that appears from the otherwise flat, bush covered landscape.
About a year prior to this historic Aurora event, I had set a goal of attempting to photograph the Aurora at the Pinnacles.
Although heading south is ideal for the best chance to photograph the Aurora Australis, I knew it would be possible to photograph is this far North with a big solar event, however I only expected to be able to capture a small glow right on the horizon.
This solar event was one of the biggest in recorded history and fortunately there was clear skies and almost no moon at the Pinnacles on this particular evening.
I never expected to photograph something like this. The lights hung around for hours but at one point they really flared up. An experience I will never forget.

Although Western Australia is an incredibly vast and barren state, it does have some absolutely beautiful places scattered across it. This vastness, makes it easy to escape light pollution and see the night sky in all its glory! Always a humbling experience.