Heaven's Light

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LOCATION :  Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park, Western Australia


Photographing the wonders of Karijini National Park had been a dream of mine for many years. This park located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia really is something special. The park is filled with stunning gorges with hikes to suit different ability levels. The rich red rocks of the region are beautiful and have been carved into stunning gorges, with waterfalls, natural swimming pools and is filled with stunning reflected light on clear mornings/afternoons. It was that gorgeous warm reflected morning light I was becoming desperate for after 4 days of flat gray skies and heavy rain. The light to make the shot simply wasn't available. I had to wait it out and continue to hope that on at least one morning while I was there I would walk outside at 5am to see clear skies. After 4 days it looked promising. Although at 5:30am it was still quite cloudy, by sunrise it was clearing. Hancock is a spectacular gorge and a highlight in my eyes. A steep and rocky decent in, beautiful long pools that I waded through with my camera gear in my dry bag, a spider walk down a small waterfall and then passing the beautiful Kermit's Pool all before reaching this epic scene. This waterfall was rushing after the recent rain and the reflected light from the above gorge walls was filling the gorge with a beautiful glowing light. I was so thrilled that I got photograph this scene in all its glory! This was an amazing morning! I am thrilled to have this Hancock Gorge photograph that captures how it felt to be standing in this gorge. Secure your limited edition, Hancock Gorge print, 'Heaven's Light', by selecting your desired print size in the menu to the right.

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