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LOCATION :  North Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia

Brilliant electrical storms don' seem to occur all that often here in Perth. I was unsuccesful during a storm prior to this one but then had the idea for this photographed planted in my mind! At 10pm I headed out just after getting into bed and sat in the car at this location for an hour just waiting for something to happen. As I was about to pull away The first bolt struck out over the ocean right where I wanted it to. I reversed back into the car space and steadily made my way down the dark limestone cliff face to the beach. I had to find a spot where I was sheltered enough from the intense winds. This shot was tricky no doubt, I had to focus and compose in the complete dark. After about an hour down on the beach shooting, it started to lightly rain and I figured that was the begining. So I captured one last frame and quickly made my way back to the car just in time before an absolute downpour came through! Needless to say I drove home pretty excited! It was so exciting and I hope to be shooting electrical storms again soon! Secure your limited edition, Cottesloe print, 'Crush', by selecting your desired print size in the menu to the right.

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